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8586Re: [NTB] Loss of outline pages

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  • Paul King
    Jul 4, 2000
      Hi Larry:

      I like your idea regarding incremental backups.

      Paul K.

      At 10:33 PM 7/3/00 -0500, you wrote:

      >Hi Paul,
      >At 04:07 PM 07/03/2000 -0700, you wrote:
      > >Thanks Larry:
      > >
      > >It has been some time since I lost text in circumstances
      > >which caused me to reexamine recovery methods. Thanks
      > >for your lucid explanation. I have not only repeated your
      > >examples to verify that they work, but I have also printed
      > >out your email and posted it above my keyboard for
      > >reference. Same for your tips on outline text.
      > >
      > >Occasionally one can learn more from an error than he
      > >suffered from the loss it caused. I am much obliged.
      > >
      > >Paul King
      >You are welcome. I am glad that I could help.
      >A special suggestion for you here for future reference is to go to
      >View|Options and select the File tab. Then check the "Make Backups" box
      >and under the drop down list titled "Backup Types" select "incremental".

      I have had the .bak extension here since acquiring ntp. But
      your suggestion makes more sense, especially for those
      files requiring frequent editing, I also print these out from
      time to time and move the copies along by snail mail. More
      and more, however, the text travels by email.

      >Now whenever you save a file, NoteTab will automatically make a backup of
      >the previous file with an incremental extension (up to 999). Example:
      >Myoutline.otl will be updated when you save it and a backup copy of the old
      >file will be made with the name of Myoutline.001otl. If you update again,
      >another backup will be made of the second file with the name of
      >Myoutline.002otl and so forth.

      This is especially appropriate for my outline files. Many tasks
      I formerly performed in WordPerfect I now perform in ntp
      because of its speed and flexibility. Note Tab Pro has nearly
      all of the functions I need for editing text.

      > You can write a clip or a batch file to
      >periodically clean out the .???otl files from the NoteTab folders and run
      >it when you want to do this, but in the mean time, you will have a copy
      >among these backup files that you can recover lost text from.
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