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8563Fwd: Loss of outline pages

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  • Paul King
    Jul 1, 2000

      I am also seeing the heading at the top of printed text
      in outlines, a phenomenon which just appeared after
      my error. Can I turn this feature off?


      >Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 09:17:07 -0700
      >To: NTB
      >From: Paul King <peking7@...>
      >Subject: Loss of outline pages
      >Hi Jody:
      >I have just lost four pages from an outline heading (plus
      >the heading), I have a hard copy, but wish to recover
      >my loss. Any hope?
      >As I recall, I was queried whether I wanted to print the
      >specific heading or the the entire outline file. I chose
      >the specific heading.
      >Then I was asked another question and apparently made
      >the wrong choice. This a new error for me, thus pushing
      >up my grand total to a new high. 8--(
      >Paul King