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  • Jody
    Jul 1, 2000
      Hi Bill,


      >seventh Clip down="ReOpen Alphabetically"

      OK, I was off a few Clips. <g>

      > While the clip is running, a vertical line from top to bottom
      > of the focused document appears and the small window at bottom
      > says "Reopening files" but nothing changes.
      > I am assuming the Clip is supposed to close the eleven files
      > and reopen them in alphabetical order from left to right? Is
      > there an NTP setting (v4.82) that I need to change? Do I need
      > to run first two clips above also?

      I don't know what would be causing the vertical bar other than a
      display problem. I tested the Clip many times and it always
      reopens them in alphabetical order after closing them. It is a
      relatively simple Clip. It gets all the files in a list that are
      open, sorts them alphabetically, and puts them into an array. It
      then opens them all. I don't know of any setting that would prevent
      it from working. What version of NoteTab are you using, Pro, Light,

      Here is the Clip if anybody wants to try it:

      <--- Copy below this line --->
      H=ReOpen Alphabetically
      ; Last update on 03-08-2000, Sojourner@..., jody
      ; Requires NoteTab version 4.6a
      ; http://www.sureword.com/notetab

      ^!SetHintInfo Reopening files...
      ^!SetScreenUpdate Off

      ^!Save All
      ^!ClearVariable %Files%
      ^!ClearVariable %Reload%
      ^!Set %n%=0

      ^!Inc %n%
      ^!If ^%n% > ^$GetDocCount$ CloseAll
      ^!Set %FileName%=^$GetDocName(^%n%)$
      ^!Append %Files%=^%FileName%^%nl%
      ^!Goto Loop

      ^!Close All
      ^!SetListDelimiter ^%nl%
      ^!Set %Files%=^$StrSort("^%Files%";0;1;0)$
      ^!SetArray %ReOpen%=^%Files%
      ^!Set %Count%=^%ReOpen0%
      ^!Set %Index%=0

      ^!Inc %Index%
      ^!If ^%Index% = ^%Count% End
      ^!Open "^%ReOpen^%Index%%"
      ^!Goto ReOpen

      <--- Copy above this line, right --->
      <--- click over a Library, and --->
      <--- choose "Add from Clipboard" --->

      Happy Clip'n!


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