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8555Subject: Re: [NTB] Document Tabs.....

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  • Bill
    Jun 30, 2000
      Hi Jody,

      >> I have tried many of the clips in "DirStuff" library and none
      >> have closed and reopened the documents (tabs) in alphabetical
      >> order.

      >It is the fifth Clip down, "ReOpen Alphabetically" in DirStuff.
      >If you do not have that, download a the latest version.

      Thanks, now have latest DirStuff version,
      fifth Clip down="Checkbox Close..."
      sixth Clip down="Checkbox Reload..."
      seventh Clip down="ReOpen Alphabetically"

      >I hadn't tested it with tabs stacked, but just did and it works
      >with that also.

      Actually, my tabs are not stacked, copied subject from original post. Have
      eleven documents open at the moment and for some reason running "ReOpen
      Alphabetically" still does not work for me, after running clip there is no
      change made to the order of the document tabs.

      While the clip is running, a vertical line from top to bottom of the focused
      document appears and the small window at bottom says "Reopening files" but
      nothing changes. The first time clip ran had a file that was not saved and
      the windows save dialogue opened but this never repeated, even though left a
      file unsaved purposely.

      I am assuming the Clip is supposed to close the eleven files and reopen them
      in alphabetical order from left to right? Is there an NTP setting (v4.82)
      that I need to change? Do I need to run first two clips above also?

      Thanks for your assistance,

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