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8420Re: [NTB] Problem?

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  • Lloyd
    Jun 1, 2000
      Hi Mark,

      >Hi Lloyd,
      >I for one am not sure what you mean here. By "tab" do
      >you mean the scroll bar at the right side of the window
      >or the document tabs at the top? If you mean the scroll
      >bar, you don't need a scroll bar in a doc whose text
      >doesn't go below the visible editing window. And
      >normally, you can't use the keyboard down arrow to take
      >the cursor lower anyway. You would normally have to use
      >the Enter key to get the cursor down there. Maybe I am
      >way off base here and you mean something different than
      >what I am understanding.
      >See ya,

      I see I have been as eloquent as usual stating my problem.

      Re stating: If I open a program that is longer than one screen, the scroll
      bar is grayed (has the up and down arrows only and they are grayed out)
      until I drop to the bottom of the screen and down arrow with the key board.
      From that point on, the program has the usable scroll bar.

      Before I get the scroll bar, I can delete 1 or more lines and additional
      lines come up onto the screen but still no scroll bar.

      Thank you,

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