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8126Re: [NTB] Printing .otl files

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  • Jody
    Apr 29, 2000
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      Hi Paul

      >I stand corrected on terminology. But I think the basic idea
      >here is that "Yes" means many things will be printed and
      >"No" means only one thing will be printed. I did not use the
      >right term for "things." Or should it be "thingies?" ;--)

      Yes, that is what I said:

      Answer "Yes" to print the entire outline or "No" to print the
      current Topic. ;)

      I suppose you could go into overkill mode and say:

      Click on "Yes" to print the entire Outline (all Topics and
      content) or "No" to print the focused Topic (one Topic and

      Anyhow, I am sure Eric will see this and decide if he wants
      to make a change and then will do what he wants. ;)

      I'm glad the Clip Editor post helped.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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