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8119Re: [NTB] Printing .otl files

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  • Jody
    Apr 29, 2000
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      Hi Paul,

      > Since I'm a "show me" guy, I went back and wasted a little
      > paper to verify your point. Right on, although I think the
      > yes/no dialogue panel is not worded to promote clear and
      > immediate understanding.

      I agree. There has always been confusion on the difference
      between Heading and Topic, and when NoteTab is talking about the
      whole Topic or just the heading when the term "heading" is used.

      Perhaps instead of:

      Print all Outline headings from...?

      something like:

      Answer "Yes" to print the entire outline or "No" to print the
      current Topic.

      > Not to worry. I aborted before printing out the entire list of
      > documents. I am delighted you cleared this up. I find use of
      > Favorites and .otl files expedites handling cryptogram files
      > and I'm in there for something daily.

      I made an out line with two Topics containing one line in each
      Topic to test with before posting. :)

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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