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8117Re: [NTB] Printing .otl files

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  • Paul M. King
    Apr 29, 2000
      At 02:38 PM 4/29/00 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hi Paul and Jim,
      > > When I attempt to print one of these files, I get this message:
      > >
      > > "Print all Outline headings from C:\Program Files\
      > > Note Tab Pro\Outlines\ACA\Ciphers.otl?"
      > >
      > > This refers to the left hand column docked to the document pane.
      >No, that is asking if you want to print the whole Outline or just
      >the current Topic. Yes, prints out the whole Outline and No only
      >prints the current Topic.
      >When NoteTab says headings, it can refer to just the heading in
      >the heading pane or the whole Topic including the Topic contents,
      >the actual body of text in the edit window portion of the
      > > But what I really want to print is the document pane.
      >Answer "No" to the question. You might try out my Outline
      >Library that has some printing Clips in it. You can get there
      >from the link below and look on the Libraries page for Outline.
      >Happy NoteTab'n,
      >Jody Adair

      Hi Jody:

      Since I'm a "show me" guy, I went back and wasted a
      little paper to verify your point. Right on, although I
      think the yes/no dialogue panel is not worded to promote
      clear and immediate understanding.

      Not to worry. I aborted before printing out the entire
      list of documents. I am delighted you cleared this up.
      I find use of Favorites and .otl files expedites handling
      cryptogram files and I'm in there for something daily.

      Paul K.
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