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7946[NTB] Re: Moving text files to new outline headings

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  • Jody
    Apr 1, 2000
      Hi Paul,

      > When one moves a text file from a folder to an outline heading,
      > the old title disappears. Ordinarily this presents no problem
      > because the text itself would reveal the content.
      > However, I have just moved a file which contained ciphertext
      > and recovering its original file name is complicated. I must
      > match it with hard copy (which I have) to identify it properly.
      > But I will have to compare it with multiple pieces of hard copy
      > to make a positive identification.

      If you right click over the Topic names and uncheck Show
      Headings, you will not run into that "problem." If you like to
      Show Headings, then do not delete, cut, or paste over the first
      line in the Topic contents for it is the Heading. ;)

      > My question: In this situation, is there any way for me to
      > recover the original title of an NTP.txt file once it has been
      > cut and pasted into the Outline section?

      I don't quite understand your question but if you mean to recover
      the Outline Topic Heading:

      Only if:
      You do not save the file and then Reload Document.
      You do not save the file and close without saving.
      You may use Undo in the unsaved state.
      You saved the file but have not closed it and you use the Undo
      tool *if* you have Undo after save checked.

      If you are talking about the text file had a title in it and you
      saved/closed the file after it was removed, no, it has gone out
      to never never land somewhere.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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