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7942[NTB] Moving text files to new outline headings

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  • Paul M. King
    Apr 1, 2000
      Hi Jody:

      When one moves a text file from a folder to an outline
      heading, the old title disappears. Ordinarily this presents
      no problem because the text itself would reveal the content.

      However, I have just moved a file which contained ciphertext
      and recovering its original file name is complicated. I must
      match it with hard copy (which I have) to identify it properly.
      But I will have to compare it with multiple pieces of hard copy
      to make a positive identification.

      Now, I realize I should have used the copy command here instead
      of the cut command, but I didn't. And you can bet I won't do THAT again
      with ciphertext.

      My question: In this situation, is there any way for me to recover
      the original title of an NTP.txt file once it has been cut and pasted
      into the Outline section?

      I like the outline format very much. It will greatly simplify many filing
      problems once I become adept with it.

      Paul King
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