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7937[NTB] Re: Sounds Jody

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  • Brenda Adams
    Mar 31, 2000
      At 01:50 PM 3/31/2000 , you wrote:
      >Hi Brenda,
      > > I can't believe I couldn't find it by myself...I can't tell
      > > you how many times I've gone thru all the Option tabs looking
      > > for page
      >You said you checked that in the second post I sent. <g>

      Did not! <crazy, but not dumb! Not TOOLBAR....which I will never now forget

      >You might be interested in my NotePage sounds that can be
      >downloaded from my Libraries page:
      >In particular: messed.wav, mistake.wav, and dumb.wav <vbg> I use
      >them for error messages.

      Am getting them now. For others: the above page link was missing a word
      and therefore, took me to an error page. Here it is fixed:
      http://www.sureword.com/notetab/html/library.html ( 'notetab' was
      missing on the above url... so I added it and now this link will take you
      to Jody's sounds and more.) :) The sounds are at top right.

      >Extract the self-extracting file into your NoteTab sounds
      >folder. Enjoy, all meant in fun of course.
      >There is sound under the Tab Bar, Tools, and Toolbar tabs.

      Now, I know this, yes. <after some hair pulling...it was the Toolbar that
      kept eluding me>

      >You can also add sounds to clips, .wav and .mid, with or without
      >an external player visibly executing.

      Yes? Well, this is the part I'm fighting with now. My pea-brain (not
      dumb...just under-exposed) is not ready to absorb. I will ponder....as I
      travel the great Northwest. Thanks for all your help, Jody.


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