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7920[NTB] Re: Sounds

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  • Brenda Adams
    Mar 31, 2000
      At 10:32 AM 3/31/2000 ,Harvey R. Savage wrote:

      >Try View|Options|Toolbar - Bottom right, Play Sound.

      THERE WE ARE!!! Thank you, Harvey. I can't believe I couldn't find it
      by myself. I just (again, again, again) went searching thru the
      view/options array and never saw it.... I swear, this is so weird...how you
      can go over and over those various pages and not get there. Ic can't tell
      you how many times I've gone thru all the Option tabs looking for this
      page. <feeble here> It's enuf to make you drink!)

      Thanks so much, Harvey (and all those who tried to help me). NOW, I can
      try to set one sound per action. xxxxx0000000

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