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7899[NTB] Sounds

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  • Brenda Adams
    Mar 30 11:01 AM
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      As long as we are talking about sounds, I would like a different sound for
      each action.

      I have a lovely Machine Gun sound (it really rips and I love it!!) each
      time I capture to Paste Board, (View/Options/Tools); and I have a sound set
      for when I switch via tabs to different open documents (View/Options/Tabs);
      but for the *life* of me, I can't find where the other sounds can be set
      (!!!) -- though I have been there before and have one sound set there. Can
      somebody tell me: how do I get back to that screen (that place) and can I
      set a *different* sound for each action there (the sound I set comes on for
      all actions). Are there any other sound features -- other places where
      sounds can be set and if so, for what actions?


      Brenda Adams
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