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7543[NTB] Re: Bugs

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  • Sami Jarvinen
    Mar 5, 2000
      >>1) Sometimes the mouse pointer disappears while doing something with
      >> the clipbook (Win 98 and NT).
      >>2) The tray icon's context menu doesn't go away unless you select an
      >> item. To see what I mean, try invoking the menu and then instead of

      To be a little more specific about the 2. issue, the menu remains not only
      visible but functional too, so it's obviously not a problem with the
      graphics device or driver :-)

      > Both looks for me rather than a problem with the graphics card driver,
      > than with NoteTab itself.

      I don't think so, since NoteTab Pro is the only piece of software showing
      such behavior.

      > But I have similar probs with the MS Internet Explorer on my machine (IE
      > 4.0 v. 4.72.x) - when going over a link, the mouse-pointer often
      > disappears and comes back only when the mouse was moved a little right
      > a little left ...

      I don't remember having experienced anything like that.

      > Therefore comes my idea, that there could be a similar reason for the
      > probs you posted.

      Doubtful, but thanks anyway :-)

      Sami Järvinen
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