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7541[NTB] Re: Bugs

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Mar 6, 2000
      Hi Sami,

      >1) Sometimes the mouse pointer disappears while doing something with the
      >clipbook (Win 98 and NT).

      I don't think this has anything to do with NoteTab, but rather a problem
      with your graphics or mouse driver.

      >2) The tray icon's context menu doesn't go away unless you select an item.
      >To see what I mean, try invoking the menu and then instead of selecting an
      >item click on some other window or the desktop. No matter what you do, the
      >menu remains.

      The system tray menu wants the corresponding application window on top of
      of Z-order in order to behave properly. In order to enforce this, I would
      have to make the NoteTab window come to the front whenever you right click
      on its icon. I tried this for a while during the beta stage and it
      irritated me so much that I preferred reverting to the current behavior. I
      think the price to pay for this is pretty insignificant.

      BTW, it is preferable not to use the regular NoteTab lists for bug reports.
      Either send them to <bugs@...> if you are sure these are bugs. If
      you're not sure, then write to <support@...>. Or, if you like, you
      can join the "NoteTab Beta" <Ntb-Beta@...> mailing list. To
      subscribe to it, just send a blank e-mail to:


      Eric Fookes
      NoteTab v4.8 available from
      http://www.notetab.com and http://www.notetab.ch

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