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7511[NTB] Tables

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  • Mujtaba Ali
    Mar 1, 2000

      I don't want to reignite any "flame" wars, but I was wondering if anyone
      else would find a certain word processing-like feature useful- namely
      tables. I don't mean anything fancy, just "pure" text tables. I make these
      all the time and it would be very useful if NoteTab supported this. How,
      exactly, is something that would require a lot of thought since we are
      dealing with just plain text, but I think it can be done. Is there any
      demand for this? I have a sample below. Note that your mail reader must be
      set to a fixed width font to see this sample properly (copy and paste it
      into NoteTab if the sample appears distorted.) Have a nice day everyone.

      | 5 | A St | MD |
      | 3 | B Ave | VA |
      | | G Dr | DC |

      -- Mujtaba Ali
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