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6957[NTB] Re: How to rename file w/ no extension?

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  • Larry Thomas
    Feb 2, 2000
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      Hi Sleepless,

      At 09:16 AM 2/2/2000 -0800, you wrote:
      >I've got NT beta set up with a document list along the left side of
      >the screen.
      >One of the files was named NEWSRC.TXT.
      >I right clicked on it and then clicked "Rename..."
      >In the Rename box I deleted the ".txt" and then clicked "OK."
      >But the name of the file in the document list still showed the
      >".txt" extension.
      >So I tried deleting the "txt" and leaving the "dot" like this
      >"NEWSRC." and that seemed to work.
      >But I'm puzzling over that dot at the end of the file name. Is it
      >invisible to the operating system? Will Win95 and other programs
      >recognize the file as "NEWSRC" without the dot?

      The dot is only temporarily displayed by NoteTab. If you minimize NoteTab
      or if you open another app in front of it, the dot is gone when you refocus
      on NoteTab. Leaving the dot when you rename a file is the correct way to
      remove all extensions from the file name - even fron DOS using the DOS
      Rename command. So NoteTab is following the normal naming convention for
      Windows and DOS.