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6828[NTB] Re: Compress Lines ? icon or shortcut

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  • Jody
    Jan 22, 2000
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      Hi Rellieb-Jean & Ray,

      >> No, but there's a clip! At the risk of incurring Jody's wrath ;-):
      > Thanks I just now signed onto the clip list, to avoid future wrath
      > ;-)

      Thank you for signing up on it!

      I realize some of you can't understand why I don't allow little
      tiny short Clips posted. There is a good reason for that though
      whether you agree with it or not. When you post a Clip others
      think it is allowed and they too start posting them. It has a
      snowball effect until it is out of control. I can't say one or
      two line Clips would be OK, because then there would be some of
      you that would say, "Well, if two are OK, then this three liner
      is OK." New members see small Clips and think any Clip is OK,
      etc. The only solution is not to post any clips at all.

      If you have the need to have the Clip posted where others can see
      your efforts, just post it to the Clips List and copy the person
      requesting something if you are not sure they are on that list.
      You can also be sly about it and just say they can make a Clip
      using keyboard commands to do it and to sign up for the Clips
      list if they need help.

      I understand that we will post by accident at times - no biggie -
      I certainly have posted my few to the Basic List like that. What
      bothers me though is when the old timers on the list who know
      better (here's your flame Ray:-) must say to themselves, "I don't
      care about the list rules, about the other members, about Jody,
      etc. - I am going to post this thing anyway regardless of who I
      am disrespectful to." That is the way I interpret it anyway.

      As I have said before there are about 300 more members on the
      Basic List that would not be there if we were wide open again
      with Clips on it. It is not fair to them to not have a list
      where they can learn the Basics of NoteTab. So, please, "JUST
      SAY NO!" <g> No Clips to the Basic list. Thank you.

      If you made it this far, in short:

      1. No attachments.
      2. No Clips to the Basic List.
      3. No talking of other software.
      4. Delete all text from replies that is not needed to understand
      your reply.
      5. No HTML (Styled) formatted text.


      Clean-Funnies: click and send...
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