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  • eric_richards@upscalemale.com
    Jan 6, 2000
      > >>
      > Failing any information that would be of use to me in setting up web
      > pages, I shall
      > uninstall the programme. Here's hoping Peter Griffiths
      > <<

      I'd like to add something here as well. Peter, I've been using notetab
      for approximately three months and it's become such a useful tool that
      I created my whole commerical website (http://www.upscalemale.com)
      using notetab. It makes creating web pages significantly easier. As
      Jody mentioned the first thing you want to do is:

      Open a text document in NoteTab and on
      the main menu under Modify click on Document to HTML and then No
      Character conversion. Press the icon to view in browser after
      that. It is out towards the right of the Toolbar...

      Next you want to start adding and experiementing with that document

      1. Get a html clip library. This is a must!!! Several people have
      created them and this is what makes notetab so useful. You can get many
      html libraries at the notetab web site. Clips are basically macros
      which allow you to add many different html tags to your document. Once
      you've done this, add your own text, tables etc to the html document
      created above.

      2. I didn't know anything about creating web pages a few months ago so
      I bought a $10.00 book called teach yourself HTML in 10 minutes.
      Sounds like your taking a class so that's even better. It's just
      taking the knowledge that you learn in your class and applying it to
      the text editor. Give it one week and try different things, you will
      start to see how really easy it is.

      3. Lastly, what makes notetab so great is the clip language and the
      support your get from others in this forum. Even if you don't want or
      need to learn the clip language, there are plenty of others who are
      writing clips to do just about everything. I recently completed a
      couple of clips for Search Engine Positioning. There available for
      free any help you analyze you web page and the pages of others. Very

      The point is, start slow with a few basic html tags and after a week or
      so, it will all come together.

      Please feel free to email at eric_richards@... if you have
      any questions or need assistance. I'm sure I or anyone in this forum
      can help you with your questions. That's what makes it so great.

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