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6466[NTB] Re: Install Failing On New Computer

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  • Jody
    Dec 10, 1999
      Hi Larry,

      Thanks Larry - I was more determined to get the file uploaded once
      and for all than I was to read the whole post. I have been
      meaning to upload the file some 5 eMailings ago of it.

      >> I got the file and put it in my path.

      > You must do more than place this file in your path. It must be
      > in one or the other of two possible places. (1) Place it in
      > the home folder you set up for NoteTab or (2) place it in the
      > Windows\System folder or the WinNT equivalent. If you place it
      > anywhere else it will fail even if it is in your path.

      If needed can be downloaded at:


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