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6441[NTB] Re: Browser not going topmost...

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  • Tryggve Stenlund
    Dec 7, 1999
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      "Eric G.V. Fookes" wrote:

      > >the browser's window *does not* come to the top.
      > >However; the browser's task bar button flashes twice and the
      > >stays highlighted. I then have to click the browser window
      > >to get it to the top or use the alt-tab function.

      > This is a Windows 98 feature. Microsoft felt that too many programs were
      > taking initiatives to grab input focus, so that disabled the function that
      > most programmers used to bring application windows to the front.

      > Microsoft seems to have fixed the problem in IE5, as it comes forward when
      > invoked this way. However, this is not the case of Netscape, and it is up
      > to their programmers to fix their code.

      Sounds funny MS refixes new Windows98 "features" with IE5. It think it
      looks more like they have taught IE5 to throw anything off top that
      Windows itself can't lower for some obscure reason.

      >From the postings there are obviously a number of manifestations
      of problems in the "top dance".

      Does anybody know if these problems exist in Windows 2000 as well?



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