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6439[NTB] Browser not going topmost...

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  • Tryggve Stenlund
    Dec 6, 1999
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      (sent to both notetab@egroups.com and ntb-beta@egroups.com)

      Hello all of you!

      I have a small problem with Note tab Pro, both 4.6a and
      the 4.8 Beta. Well, maybe not a problem but at least a

      The first time I press F8 or click the tool bar button
      to view an HTML document, NTP starts the browser, loads
      the HTML document and *brings the browser to the top*.
      As it's is supposed to do. But...

      after that, when I want to review changes in the HTML mark-up,
      and press F8 again, the document is loaded as it should but
      the browser's window *does not* come to the top.
      However; the browser's task bar button flashes twice and the
      stays highlighted. I then have to click the browser window
      to get it to the top or use the alt-tab function.

      It's the same whether I use NS or IE.
      I'm using Windows98, Netscape 4.7 and IE 4.01.

      Any ideas how do I solve this problem?

      However. As I now know that it's working at the systems at
      Note tab support, I'll take a look at some of the tweaks and
      "cleaning" I've done to Mr. Gates "beauty beast" to make it act
      as a tool and at least not look like a kid's Nintendo.

      I might have used too heavy medicine with side effects I didn't
      think of. There is also one other thing I could do; I have a
      friend who has an out of the box system, also the swedish version.
      I could temporarily install NTP in his system and see what happens.
      As I know that NTP has to be on many swedish systems, the problem
      would have been known by now.

      If this is according to the code for NTP, I suggest that it is
      changed in the 4.8 final release. It would be labour saving not
      to have to click the browser window or use the alt_tab keys.
      Just press F8 and "there she comes"!

      Have anyone meet this phenomenon before?


      Tryggve Stenlund mailto:tryggve@...
      Sweden http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/7163/
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