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  • Marco Bernardini
    Nov 6, 1999
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      Working on whole sites sometimes I need to search (and replace) thousands
      of strings on a bunch of pages.

      A powerful tool can be an "exclude from search", just like the minus on
      AltaVista. For example, if I look for "img src", I'd like to exclude "img

      I know this can be done using "regular expressions", as explained in Perl
      manual, but a note in Perl manual say also "The three principle virtues of
      a programmer are Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris" :-)
      So, an input box to exclude strings can really be helpful.

      A nasty trick for lazy writers is to replace every "string1" with
      "string1+string2", then replace "string2+string2" with a single "string2".
      It works almost fine.

      Happy typing!

      Marco Bernardini
      webmaster at http://www.taggiasca.com

      | Disclaimer:
      | Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my mother-in-law
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