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6243[NTB] Interesting use for NTB in education...

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  • Bob Gorman
    Nov 3, 1999
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      Paul M. King,
      At 07:38 PM 10/28/99 Thursday , you wrote:
      >Hi fellow NTBers:
      >One of my hobbies is cryptography. Note Tab Pro is an important tool in
      >listing my ciphers and their solutions, line by line, in numercial
      >order. After using NTP successfully for dozens of ciphers, I have run
      >into a problem.

      One of my hobbies is also cryptography. I started when I was 11, as a
      hobby, but now at 58 I've found a more fascinating use for it. I've been
      teaching teen-agers labelled "learning disabled". They have problems
      learning reading/writing and math. My focus is math.

      What I've found very useful in stimulating their thinking and building
      their confidence is Cryptorhythm solving. One of the subtle messages in
      coding/decoding is that a word is NOT what it stands for. Plain word
      oriented cryptanalysis/cryptology helps them separate words and other
      symbols from their meanings. Also, by working thru clues, and occasional
      backtracking they improve their reasoning skills.

      Educating students for life is ripe for some new ideas...

      >I have selected NTB to be my clipboard viewer. But when I attempt to add
      >a new numbered solution to the copy, NTP deletes the intial character in
      >each line from top to bottom of the copy. I can restore those characters
      >with the undo command, but only in the stored copy, not in the copy I am
      >attempting to add which simply vanishes.
      >I can't seem to eliminate deletion of the initial characters and the new
      >copy. Have I overlooked a toggle switch somewhere? Should I make Notepad
      >my clipboard viewer?

      Sorry I can't help with the character problem, I've been using NTB for a
      some time but haven't done much clip programming yet, I'm just starting.

      Mostly I've used BASIC and LOGO for my experiments. If you have any useful
      clips for testing/substituting characters, counting frequencies, etc. and
      are willing to share them, I'd love to experiment with them.


      "To create New Answers; you must ask New Questions."
      - Bob Gorman
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