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5907[NTB] Re: Ghosted again

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  • rainmark@att.net
    Sep 3, 1999
      > The Thorough option checks your hard disk for bad spots.

      I ran Scandisk with the thorough option yesterday with no errors found.

      > Do you open NoteTab minimized?


      > What operating system are you running?

      Windows 95.

      Which version of
      > NoteTab?

      Note Tab Pro 4.6a/np

      What other programs are normally open?

      Several, including FutureLink (satellite commodity feed).
      Usually other text editors.

      How much
      > memory do you have?

      128 megs.

      If you're running Win98, is your hard
      > drive more than 75% full? Fat32 does weird things when
      > your storage space falls below 25% free.

      Windows 95 and NOT 75% full. Nowhere near that.
      > --- Grandma Kay ---

      Also I don't think the files in NTP are too large for the program to handle. I had cut down on the number of open outlines when I had the lost text problem.

      Thanks, Mark
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