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5873[NTB] Quick Reference

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  • Len
    Sep 1, 1999
      Hello All;

      Eric has added the Quick Reference List to the
      http://www.notetab.com Library Repository.
      The list is the primary part of the QRefSet8.zip file, (53KB).

      The set consists of the following:

      A reference document with an alphabetical and fuctional
      (grouped by similar uses) listing of all the clip instructions.
      The functional listing also has a brief (usually one line)
      description of the use of each instruction.
      Updated lists of the Toolbar commands, NT 4.6 keyboard
      shortcuts and the Win 95 keyboard shortcuts are included.
      A unique list of the Wizard Settings is provided for those
      becoming familiar with clip wizards.
      Modified copies of all the NT Help sections applicable to clip
      programing are included to provide a complete reference base.
      These include Basic Clipbook Programing, and Options, Properties
      and Submenue descriptions.
      To provide quick access to the final word on selected
      instructions, the complete Clipbook Programing Language Help
      section is included.
      The various sections are arranged to provide increasingly
      complete instruction descriptions using a single keystroke.

      A clip is provided to further simplify the search process and
      a small clip using the ^!FarClip instruction provides simple
      access to the document from any library without having to install
      a complex clip in each library.

      And since this is a text file, you can easily add to, delete from,
      move, modify and rearrange the instructions and descriptions to
      best suit your requirements.

      Hope you find the set useful, Len

      Leonard O. Hargrove, Jr.
      Avionics Systems Engineer
      E-Mail: Len <NoteTabA@...>