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5868[NTB] Re: notepro.ini - location libraires

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  • Larry Thomas
    Aug 31, 1999
      Hi Manuel,

      At 11:30 PM 8/30/1999 +0000, you wrote:
      >Two questions, please?
      >1. How can I say to notetab that open a file when I launch NTB
      >In ini file :-??. I wan open only a one file when I open NTB, such as,
      >I don't want that NTB open severales files, that I open in the last
      >2. Can I put the libraries in other directory such as:
      > F:\libraries and tell to NTB that it's in ohter place?

      You can alter the shortcut that you use to launch NTP. Example: The
      target for mine is:

      "C:\PROGRAM FILES\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe"

      I would change it to:

      "C:\PROGRAM FILES\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe" C:\Path\Filename.ext

      Or you can have a special directory set up and keep the files you want
      opened in it:

      "C:\PROGRAM FILES\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe" C:\SpecialFolder\*.*

      and all of the files you put in that directory will be loaded every time
      you start NTP. Move new files into it or remove all files from it to
      change what you want. I have tried this. When I place several files into
      C:\PROGRAM FILES\NoteTab Pro\Start\ and launch NoteTab, it opens them all.
      When I remove all of the files and empty the folder, it opens nothing but
      what I normally have it setup for.


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