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5693[NTB] Re: Date and Time

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  • Raymond Fitzgerald
    Aug 6, 1999
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      Hi all,

      Dr. Maharaj wrote:
      >>when creating or editing newsletters and releases for the
      >>day, I need to write tomorrow's date because my
      >>computer is set to the Hawaii time zone

      And Jody wrote:
      >There will be another slight problem when going back/forward a
      >day of the moth when it crosses months such as the 31st to the
      >1st when goinging forward or 29th of Febuarary <g>.

      OK, I'm done with this clip if anyone's interested. It lends itself quite
      well to the Auto-replace mode because there's twelve short month names that
      each call for the main clip. So to get tomorrow's date just key "aug[space]"
      (actually any month) and "August 7, 1999" will be inserted.

      Days in the month and leap years are accounted for (adequately I hope!). And
      it doesn't use F5 so you can keep your own date filter (in

      I'll post this to the Clips list or e-mail me if you don't want to mess with
      long lines.

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