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5657[NTB] Re: Date and Time

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  • Raymond Fitzgerald
    Aug 4, 1999
      Hi Larry,

      >>This shouldn't be difficult to do in a clip, but if Eric can implement it
      >>using the system date, so much the better! I say go for it.

      You wrote:
      >I would prefer Eric added the feature to NoteTab myself. It should not be
      >too difficult but I bet it is very difficult in spite of what it should or
      >should not be.

      Yes, I'm afraid I understated the difficulty. But Dr. Maharaj did ask about
      just yesterday and tomorow's date--that part should be easy! ;-)

      > Well, it might not be difficult for Ray !-) Lots of things
      >are easy for him.

      Well, I can type fast. :->

      >I have a Hewlett-Packard HP-12 calculator with the
      >function to calculate days between dates and dates +/- dates

      Always glad to hear of another user. I luv my HP financial calculator (not
      as much as NTB of course!) Don't know if they treat dates exactly as Excel
      and 1-2-3 do. With HP you input 8.041999 for today's date (actually the year
      is optional if it's the current year).

      >And that is pretty much why I would just as soon see Eric add the function
      >to NoteTab in some form or other.

      Second that.

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