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5656[NTB] Re: Date and Time

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  • Dr. Jai Maharaj
    Aug 4, 1999
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      Larry Thomas <larryt@...> wrote
      on Wednesday, August 04, 1999 11:37 AM:
      > . . . And that is pretty much why I would just as soon
      > see Eric add the function to NoteTab in some form or other.

      He is generous and may add it in the future. I
      neglected to mention how such a feature would be
      helpful, at least in my use of Note Tab Pro: when
      creating or editing newsletters and releases for the
      day, I need to write tomorrow's date because my
      computer is set to the Hawaii time zone -- which is 10
      hours behind UTC. So, by the time I am done preparing
      the documents in the afternoon, it is already tomorrow
      in most of the world. Sometimes I do set the computer
      to tomorrow's date (UTC date usually) but then I need
      yesterday's date for documents which are intended for
      local circulation. :-)


      Jai Maharaj
      Om Shanti

      Julian Date: 2451.395 at noon
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