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5654[NTB] Re: Date and Time

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  • Larry Thomas
    Aug 4, 1999
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      Hi Ray,

      At 03:54 PM 8/4/1999 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hi Dr. Maharaj,
      >>Is there a way to similarly produce yesterday's
      >>and tomorrow's date and time automagically, or does
      >>this question belong in the latest Wish List? :-)
      >This shouldn't be difficult to do in a clip, but if Eric can implement it
      >using the system date, so much the better! I say go for it. (I've got one
      >I'm about to submit myself.) BTW, do you have my Date/time clip? (It's a
      >reference; it doesn't do the above.)

      I would prefer Eric added the feature to NoteTab myself. It should not be
      too difficult but I bet it is very difficult in spite of what it should or
      should not be. Well, it might not be difficult for Ray !-) Lots of things
      are easy for him. I have a Hewlett-Packard HP-12 calculator with the
      function to calculate days between dates and dates +/- dates and I have the
      manual that came with it that has the formulas used. I darn near wore
      myself out creating a Lotus 123 spread sheet file that would use the
      formulas to do this and then I got Excel and it already does all of this.
      That was then end of that for me! I also have a freeware 32 bit calculator
      called Excalibur that performs like a Hewlett-Packard RPN calculator and
      does this for me along with a host of other functions without all of the
      grief of having to set up a clip in NoteTab so I have not been very
      interested in trying to port my Lotus 123 spread sheet fromula to NoteTab.
      And that is pretty much why I would just as soon see Eric add the function
      to NoteTab in some form or other.


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