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5653[NTB] Re: Trim white space

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  • Raymond Fitzgerald
    Aug 4, 1999
      Hi Jim and Dennis,

      >While wishing, I wish that the line numbering would number the blank
      >lines also. When I use a printed output along with a different
      >editor (or speak to someone over the phone that is using a different
      >editor) I cannot reference the line number without mentally adding
      >the blank lines.

      This doesn't help much with printed output, but NTP gives you a vertical
      ruler that numbers each line, including blank ones. The numbers change
      according to whether word wrap is on or off.

      When you talk about line numbering, I assume you mean Modify | Lines |
      Number Lines? Perhaps someone has already written a clip that duplicates
      this *and* includes blank lines. You'll need to inquire on the Clips list,
      of course. I have one (named "Data Fill" because it's patterned after the
      Lotus menu command) but it works in a blank document.

      Ray Fitz
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