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5651[NTB] Re: Trim white space

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  • jbrodeur@us.ibm.com
    Aug 4, 1999
      I have a problem with the blank lines/numbering system as well. I am using the
      editor to write design rule checks and the checker compiler gets confused with
      line numbers because (I assume) it does not count the blank lines. If there is
      a way to prevent this I would sure like to know because with a long file I have
      to do a lot of searching to find a particular error.

      Jim Brodeur
      Layout Designer
      Commquest/IBM in Auburn, Ca.

      Dennis Aoki <ardensystems@...> on 08/04/99 01:05:08 PM

      Please respond to notetab@egroups.com

      To: NoteTab <notetab@egroups.com>
      Subject: [NTB] Trim white space


      The problem was selection of the "use defaults" box just as suggested.

      It would be nice if upon saving a file, the currently loaded version
      reflected the deleted spaces. I don't mind too much but I can
      foresee some people being confused by this.

      While wishing, I wish that the line numbering would number the blank
      lines also. When I use a printed output along with a different
      editor (or speak to someone over the phone that is using a different
      editor) I cannot reference the line number without mentally adding
      the blank lines.

      NoteTab's clip capability seems to be substantial. I have tried the
      web site where someone was selling NoteTab documentation but they
      no longer have credit card service. Is there another source of
      NoteTab info? Especially the clip capability? I have no idea of
      exactly how the clips are working with the text file. It would be
      nice if there was a summary of the relationship between the clips
      and NoteTab and the text file. Also, a summary of the NoteTab
      syntax would be useful. Is it based on an established language?
      The clip site is oriented towards those already using clips and
      doesn't seem to address these things.

      Is there a way to use the clip capability to gather text DIRECTLY
      into NoteTab from a serial port without creating and loading a
      separate file?

      Thanks for the help,

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