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5370[NTB] Re: Alphabetical sort of Favorites/Quick List

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  • Kay Roath
    Jul 6, 1999
      07/06/1999 12:48 AM Jody wrote
      >>There is also a sort on the right click menu in the Fav

      > I don't sort mine because of I like to put
      > them in a order of most used.....

      Ditto but one of those little things that makes a program
      special is the thought put into the right click menu.
      NoteTab is my standard there and few of my other programs
      come close!

      > Well, at any rate we got to see you post again and he got
      > answered. :)

      Taking a break from a nightmare programming project.
      Actually, it's the project manager that's certainly not on
      my favorites list but NoteTab helps keep me sane :)

      I doubt that this will interest anyone else but you never

      I'm programming in Clipper (DOS based) and it's been awhile
      so I need to check syntax using a Norton Guide (DOS based).
      With Win Explorer open in Win98, the program won't execute.
      There are other problems also but to make a long story
      I have a decompiler that creates text files containing the
      info in the Guides. I took those files & put them in an
      outline with a clip that gets the headers and gives me a
      wizard where I can start typing what I want to check and see
      everything I want to know very quickly :) Eric, thanks
      again for the font option in Info boxes!

      --- Grandma Kay ---


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