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5327[NTB] Re: Win2000

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Jul 1, 1999
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      Hi all,

      Back again from my vacation and trying my best to read through all the
      accumulated e-mails. My appologies in advance for not replying to all
      e-mails that you may have sent me in private. Now, about this Win2000 report...

      >F-1.... I have used and loved NoteTab Pro (ver. 4.6 a/np) for years. I am
      >starting to use Win2000 now. NoteTab Pro will not work with it. is there any
      >patch/fix that I do not know of that will fix this?

      I'm very surprised to hear this! I've exchanged e-mails with other Win2000
      users who are running NoteTab 4.6a without any problem. I am not aware of
      any reason why it should not work under that environment. Do you see the
      splash screen? Does the icon appear in the task bar or the system tray? Any
      details you can provide would be helpful. Have you tried deleting the
      NotePro.ini file?

      Eric Fookes
      NoteTab v4.6a available from
      http://www.notetab.com and http://www.notetab.ch


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