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5324[NTB] Re: Notetab commentary

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  • Jody
    Jun 30, 1999
      Hi BONG,

      > Frankly, for some lightning fast typing I still use Notepad.
      > Even those several seconds of waiting for NoteTab to load are
      > too much for me. So Notetab is fast but not incredibly fast.

      Try doing a Find and Replace using NoteTab Pro and compare it
      with any of its competitors. You will find NoteTab Pro
      "incredibly fast" doing that and other things as well.

      As you noted though, opening it is a different story, but like
      myself many others keep it open anytime the computer is on so it
      is not an issue with us. I believe you will find that the
      opening time is comparable or faster than any or at least most
      editors near its class. Now, as far as "lightning fast typing"
      goes, that is only in my dreams. :)

      Happy Camper,
      Jody Adair
      Prov. 15:15



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