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5319[NTB] Notetab commentary

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  • marcus
    Jun 29, 1999
      Hi Phil,

      I think a good thing to point out to your computer novice(?) readers
      about Notetab, is it's versatility in satisfying the needs of novice
      users, who need learn nothing new they don't already know from Windows,
      as well as the power it provides the advanced user. You can start
      Notetab and use it like Windows Notepad/Write/Wordpad, with the
      advantage of having multiple documents open and a spell checker. That's
      the lowest level, then they can advance to using clips, then writing
      their own if they want to. You don't have to learn a new way of
      working. It's also incredibly fast and lightweight.

      That ease of use is probably why people are slow to realise how
      powerful NTP is. It really has the feature range and power you normally
      find in Unix console apps, and on Windows mainly in top software like
      Adobe's and Macromedia's grapics apps for example. Presumably due to
      Eric's (in)famous Swiss meticulousness ;-), or something.

      I've been using NTP for 2 years as my editor of choice, and I don't
      want to miss it.

      Marcus Friedlaender



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