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5068[NTB] Re: NoteTab Pro is a nominee in the 1999 SIA

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Jun 8, 1999
      At 01:25 08/06/99 -0700, you wrote:
      >06/07/1999 4:47 PM Kai wrote
      >> Well it doesn't matter. NoteTabPro is a great utility. Why complain? It
      >> works good and that's what counts.
      >Actually, what really counts is whether Eric makes enough
      >money to support his family so he can continue his great
      >work with NoteTab. Awards are a good way to get the word
      >out to lots of people. Shareware is a difficult way to earn
      >a living and lots of good programs die because the author
      >has to find other ways to generate income.

      That's absolutely correct, especially in a field as competitive as
      text/HTML editors. The PC Magazine award last year really made a
      significant difference in sales volume. In fact, I think it would have been
      good too even if NoteTab Pro had just been a nominee. I'm quite sure I
      would have had to work part-time on some other job if NoteTab had not been
      one of the finalists last year.

      Of course, being a nominee in the 1999 Shareware Industry Awards is good,
      but it has much less impact than the PC Magazine Shareware Awards because
      it does not result in articles in major computer magazines. It's possible
      though that the People's Choice Award might help to produce extra exposure.

      Eric Fookes
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