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4776[NTB] Re: color coding brackets

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  • Kay Roath
    Apr 30, 1999
      4/30/1999 10:42 AM jonathan@... wrote

      > I am a programmer and write mostly in Perl and would
      > really like it if I could color code Matching brackets for
      > various kinds, like : < > { } [ ] ( ) and if I could have
      > a different color for each embedded layer of brackets.

      The rest of us are probably the reason you don't already
      have that. Eric had another control that would have allowed
      highlighting (don't remember now how definable it was) but
      we weren't thrilled with giving up speed for color.

      You do have Ctrl+M (Match Brackets) that you can use to
      check for opening & closing brackets. If you put cgi/pl
      in your HTML Files list in Options, <> tags and &subs
      will be colored along with urls in NTP.

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