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4584[NTB] Re: Close [X] button is gone!

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  • Kay Roath
    Apr 6, 1999
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      4/6/1999 2:55 AM Jody wrote

      > Hi Kay,

      >>Actually, we used to have 2 X's. The windows one to close
      >>the program is still there

      > Where is that one; what toolbar command?

      > & anyone who doesn't go back to a
      >>version where we also had the x to close a file could get
      >>very confused looking at the X that's there & having us
      >>talking about the x being gone in 4.6 :)

      > Uh, ok, I think I follow that. <g> Perhaps once you tell me
      > where this other x is perhaps its cursive style (which is
      > ringing a bell) but I can't find that one.

      Standard windows - upper right corner '-' [box thing(s)]
      & 'X' to close the program.

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