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4278[NTB] Autoclip in new outline sections?

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  • Harder, Paul
    Mar 1, 1999
      Here's a feature I'd love to have. Go ahead and laugh if it's already

      I'd like to be able to associate a specified clip with an OTL document, such
      that, anytime I create a new OTL section, that clip would automatically run
      within the new document section.

      Example: I'm creating a change control document (OTL) so that I'll have
      good records all in one place of all changes I make to a body of source
      code. I'd like this document to execute the following clip everytime I
      create a new OTL section:

      Number: ^$GetTopicName$
      Date: ^[yyyy-mm-dd^]
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+HOME DOWN DOWN END

      Whenever I create a new OTL section, I must first give it a name, actually
      in this case a control number. That number gets automatically entered in
      the first field above, and today's date goes into the second. Finally, I
      position the cursor to the Who field. All I lack is the ability to make
      this happen automatically when I create the new OTL section.

      Is this already possible? If not, Eric, could you put it into the wish list


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