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4266[NTB] Re: IDEAWR32.DLL

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  • Larry Thomas
    Feb 28, 1999
      Hi Roger,

      At 03:59 PM 3/1/1999 +0900, you wrote:
      >OK, here's a nice simple question that should be OK for the basic
      >list. I just wish it was simple enough for me to answer myself.
      >I'm just beginning to find out how useful the "favorites"
      >functions can be. I have a very long path for file locations
      >(about seven layers deep in a network drive) where I need to save
      >the very final versions of press releases, etc., after approval
      >by the customer. I've managed to store the path name in my list
      >of favorites, but I can't seem to find a quick way of saving the
      >current file to it after I've made the final changes. If I click
      >on the pathname in the favorites list, I get the OPEN dialog box.
      >I want the SAVE dialog box. And I don't want to work to this
      >remote directory any time other than when I am saving the FINAL
      >Is this possible? If so, how?

      Yes. You must hold down the control key when you select the directory.
      Then you will get a "Save As" box. You will see your file name as
      "Path\Noname01.txt". You must not just type in a name. Instead you should
      edeit the name shown ing the filename box. Just cursor right to take off
      the highlighting and enter edit mode then backspace over the "Noname01.txt"
      up to the first backslash and then type in the filename you want and press
      enter or click ok and you are done.


      Larry Thomas

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