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4265[NTB] Favorites and Save As

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  • Wayne VanWeerthuizen
    Feb 28, 1999
      Roger Williams <roger@...> wrote:

      >I'm just beginning to find out how useful the "favorites"
      >functions can be. I have a very long path for file locations
      >(about seven layers deep in a network drive) where I need to save
      >the very final versions of press releases, etc., after approval
      >by the customer. I've managed to store the path name in my list
      >of favorites, but I can't seem to find a quick way of saving the
      >current file to it after I've made the final changes. If I click
      >on the pathname in the favorites list, I get the OPEN dialog box.
      >I want the SAVE dialog box. And I don't want to work to this
      >remote directory any time other than when I am saving the FINAL
      >Is this possible? If so, how?

      Hold down the CTRL key when choosing the directory from the
      favorites list.

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