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3871[NTB] Re: Duplicate clip?

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  • Jody
    Feb 2, 1999
      Hi Ev,

      >Jody, THANKS, it works like a charm. Now, this may be beyond simple >clips, but is it possible to get NoteTab to DELETE the dups leaving
      >one of the duplicated addresses?

      That's how I had it before I changed it to what you wanted it to
      do - look at it. :)

      >All get highlighted as dupes of 63@...
      >Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what now?

      I think I can fix that with the "C" option. Remeber this is
      just the basic one. If you have triplicates it will not get
      the two extras. Just run it till no more show up in the info
      box. :-) I have one the does a lot more, but it's too long
      to post here.

      H=Try This
      ^!SetWizardTitle Find Duplicates
      ^!Set %Save%=Dups^%nl%
      ^!Jump Doc_End
      ^!InsertText ^p^p
      ^!Jump 1

      ^!Select Eol
      ^!Set %Row%=^$GetRow$
      ^!Set %Data%=^$GetSelection$

      ^!Find "^%Data%" ISC
      ^!IfError DoNext
      ;^!Jump +1
      ^!Append %Save%=^%Data%^%nl%
      ^!Inc %Row%
      ^!Jump ^%Row%
      ^!If "^$GetRow$" = "^$GetLineCount$" Info
      ^!GoTo Start

      ^!Jump +1
      ^!GoTo Start


      ^!IfTrue ^$GetRow$ End
      ^!If ^$IsEmpty(^$GetLine$)$ = 0 InsEnd
      ^!Replace "^p" >> "" SB
      ^!Goto EndBreak

      ^!InsertText ^p
      ^!Jump 1

      ^!Info [L]^%Save%

      c ya,
      Jody Adair
      Prov. 3:5-7; 4:23


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