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3858[NTB] Re: Help on Clips

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  • Nicole Simon
    Feb 2, 1999
      >> btw there are spaces in the filetype.
      >That was a test clip. The mp3 search accepts spaces in file type.

      The search engine - yes. But you are writing the url by yourself - and this
      is the case where you have to do the things which are normally done by the

      I asume your spaces will be translated in the url to %20

      Do a search for an artist an a filetype with spaces at the website. Copy
      the given url on the resultpage and try to make your result look the same
      (tip: remove the ^! in front of the url.

      If I say artist 2222 and rm+ram, my clip results in
      URL http://search.mp3.de/cgi-bin/search.cgi?file=2222&rm ram&noratio=yes

      look, how much is marked as an url. right, only til rm. If you replace
      space by %20 it will all be marked as url.


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