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3857[NTB] Re: Help on Clips

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  • Anwar Ahmad
    Feb 2, 1999

      Thanks for the help.

      Nicole Simon wrote:

      > You don't need to have 'everything in one line' just because your result must have
      > this. Your clips will be much more readable (und debugable).

      You are right. I am trying understand the clip language.

      > btw there are spaces in the filetype.

      That was a test clip. The mp3 search accepts spaces in file type.

      > ^?[] are executed alltogether
      > ^?{} only when the clip comes to this point.
      > think about your above clip, you could ask for the filetype of beeing audio
      > or video. depending on what you choose (audio or video) a smaler list ist
      > displayed. this will only work, if the prompt is executet _after_ the first
      > initial ^?[] prompting.

      Got it now. I was studying html.clb and was wondering why all the tags using COLOR attribute listed all the colors again and again whereas there is a clip called "Color Codes" which could be called and used like a routine. This clip is only used by BODY clip. By calling this clip in my test I was trying to reduce the overall size of library.

      > btw: most of you set <HR^%align%^%size%^%width%^%shade%^%colour%>
      > there are several versions of html-tags which have defaults. and most of
      > the time i don't want an align etc. in your case, no size and no width etc
      > is chossen, you need to care about - otherwise you result in something like
      > "size=". (this clb does in part)

      Thanks. In the clip if I just click OK I get only <HR>. Every other value, if selected, would be inserted at its place. Anyway thanks for all the help. The Color selection part worked after I changed all ^?[] with ^?{}.


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