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3837[NTB] Re: Help on Clips

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  • Nicole Simon
    Jan 31, 1999
      Anwar Ahmad wrote:
      > In this clip I want to replace every instance of space with + sign in the
      >Artist/Song name field e.g. "xxx yyy" should become xxx+yyy.

      You don't need to have 'everything in one line' just
      because your result must have this. Your clips will
      be much more readable (und debugable).

      How about [not really tested but qad]
      ---------- clb start -----------
      H="mp3 Search"
      ^!Set %artistsong%=^?[Enter Artist/Song Name]
      ^!Set %filetype%=^?[Select File Type=_mp3 - MPEG Layer 3^=mp3|mp2 - MPEG
      Layer 2^=mp2|mpg/mpeg - MPEG Movies^=mpg mpeg|qt/mov - Quicktime^=qt
      mov|avi^=avi|viv/vivo^=viv vivo|au Sun Audio^=au|mid/midi^=mid
      midi|wav^=wav|voc^=voc|vqf - Yamaha^=vqf|rm/ram - Real Media^=rm
      ram|asf/asx - Netshow^=asf asx|ra - Real Audio^=ra|la1/lav - Liquid
      Audio^=la1 lav|vdo^=vdo|swf - Shockwave^=swf|mod - Soundtracker^=mod|s3m -
      Screamtracker^=s3m|xm - Fasttracker^=xm|it^=it|All audio files^=audio|All
      Video files^=video|All trackerfiles^=track]

      ^!Set %artistsong%=^$StrReplace(" ";"+";^%artistsong%;No;No)$

      ---------- clb end -----------

      btw there are spaces in the filetype.

      > Everything seems to work except Color prompt does not form part of main clip but
      > is shown after values for align, size, width and shade have been selected.

      easy (always look for 'what is different')

      > ^!Set %shade%=^?[3D Shading=_NOSHADE^= NOSHADE|SHADE^=]
      > ^!Set %colour%=^?{Color=^$GetClipText("Color Codes")$}
      ^ ^

      ^?[] are executed alltogether
      ^?{} only when the clip comes to this point.

      think about your above clip, you could ask for the filetype of beeing audio
      or video. depending on what you choose (audio or video) a smaler list ist
      displayed. this will only work, if the prompt is executet _after_ the first
      initial ^?[] prompting.

      btw: most of you set <HR^%align%^%size%^%width%^%shade%^%colour%>
      there are several versions of html-tags which have defaults. and most of
      the time i don't want an align etc. in your case, no size and no width etc
      is chossen, you need to care about - otherwise you result in something like
      "size=". (this clb does in part)


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