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3543[NTB] Re: Find and Replace Questions...

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  • Jody
    Jan 5, 1999
      Hi Bill,

      >MY QUESTION ... I know this can be done ... safely ..
      >can someone give me a push ... not over the cliff please .... <G>

      This should get it for you. You will need to make the
      files match for the search criteria, but one done then
      they will always be like that. Just put the comments
      at the start and end of the applet in each file or change
      it to what you want NoteTab to search for. Please take
      the thread over to the advanced list if you need to
      discuss it or write me.

      H=Edit Applet
      ^!Toolbar New Document
      ^!InsertFile ^?[(T=O)Open doc to replace data in=D:\NTP\Documents\02.txt]
      ^!Open ^?[(T=O)Open doc to copy data from=D:\NTP\Documents\03.txt]

      ^!Jump 1
      ^!Jump Select_End
      ^!Find "<!--start copying here-->" S
      ^!IfError End
      ^!Jump Select_Start
      ^!Set %Old%=^$GetRow$:^$GetCol$
      ^!Find "<!--end copying here-->" S
      ^!Jump Select_End
      ^!SelectTo ^%Old%
      ^!ToolBar Copy

      ^!Document Prev

      ^!Jump 1
      ^!Find "<!--start copying here-->" S
      ^!IfError End
      ^!Jump Select_Start
      ^!Set %New%=^$GetRow$:^$GetCol$
      ^!Find "<!--end copying here-->" S
      ^!Jump Select_End
      ^!SelectTo ^%New%
      ^!Skip Is the selected text what you want to replace? Press No to find again. Press Ctrl+Alt, and "No" to abort.
      ^!Goto Start
      ^!InsertText ^$GetClipBoard$
      ^!Set %NewDoc%=^?{(T=D)Enter save path of new doc, end in backslash=^$GetAppPath$}; %FileName%=^?{Enter new filename=}
      ^!Save:As ^%NewDoc%^%FileName%

      Happy NoteTabbin',
      Jody Adair

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