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3528[NTB] Re: New Users

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  • Raymond Fitzgerald
    Jan 4, 1999
      Hi Larry and all,

      >One use that I like for NoteTab is to use search and replace to replace
      >abbreviations that I make in my documents for large words or for phrases.
      >I will go along typing and I might have a large word that I spell wrong all
      >the time so I put in a two or three letter abbreviation for it where ever I
      >want it in my document. Then when I finish, I do a Search and Replace of
      >the abbreviation with the correctly spelled word. The same works for a
      >phrase or a name, and so forth.

      Have you tried putting these in your favorite clip library? Then just F2
      after typing the abbreviation. OnClipboardChange does the same thing for
      other applications! Except you cut or copy what you typed.

      You can also do just about anything else similarly, I guess. For instance,
      I've got a few frequently-visited Web pages set up this way. Same thing--in
      NTB F2 or in other apps cut or copy--and the browser brings up the page!


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