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  • Larry Thomas
    Jan 4, 1999
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      Hi Ray,

      At 11:18 AM 1/4/99 -0600, you wrote:
      >Hi Larry and all,
      >>One use that I like for NoteTab is to use search and replace to replace
      >>abbreviations that I make in my documents for large words or for phrases.
      >>I will go along typing and I might have a large word that I spell wrong all
      >>the time so I put in a two or three letter abbreviation for it where ever I
      >>want it in my document. Then when I finish, I do a Search and Replace of
      >>the abbreviation with the correctly spelled word. The same works for a
      >>phrase or a name, and so forth.
      >Have you tried putting these in your favorite clip library? Then just F2
      >after typing the abbreviation. OnClipboardChange does the same thing for
      >other applications! Except you cut or copy what you typed.
      >You can also do just about anything else similarly, I guess. For instance,
      >I've got a few frequently-visited Web pages set up this way. Same thing--in
      >NTB F2 or in other apps cut or copy--and the browser brings up the page!

      Actually I do that mostly. The times I use S&R is when I am in a hurry and
      don't have the item handy in a clip but even that is becoming less and less
      of a problems. I just recently discovered how the "paste from clipboard"
      function works when adding new clips although I am sure everyone else has
      known this for months. So I am using S&R less often now. I just posted it
      as one of my useable tools.


      Larry Thomas

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